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Dental Crowns & Bridges: Our Monroe Dentist Helps You Understand Restorative Dentistry

If you are missing a few teeth, your experienced dentist may suggest the use of a dental bridge. If you have weak teeth or teeth that have lost some of their structure due to a cavity, a crown will be a great option to restore vitality to the damaged area. Crowns and bridges are prosthetic devices that are fixed into the mouth in a permanent fashion. They are cemented on top of an existing tooth or implant for a permanent fix to dental issues. The crown is shaped just like the tooth, but the cap like structure goes over top of the existing tooth to reinforce the area and make it last a long time. The cosmetic dentist takes an impression of the tooth that needs the enhancement and makes it identical to fit.

The Many Materials of a Crown

To make a dental crown, restorative dentistry practices use many different materials. The most commonly used is ceramic or porcelain. These materials are easy to match to the persons identical tooth color and easier to work with in general. There are other options, though that can also be considered. Metal, acrylic, alloys and even gold may be used to help reinforce a tooth. When it comes to these materials, they are often reserved for the back teeth where they cannot easily be seen. If a person insists on using one of these materials on the front teeth, then they can use a porcelain overlay to cover the metal and keep their smile beautiful. All of this provides the teeth a solid surface that is both attractive and strong.

Understanding a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges fix a different kind of problem. They work to restore an area where the tooth is missing. They act as a fixture that keeps the other teeth from moving around. A bridge is very different from a crown because a bridge is used to fill a gap, but a crown is used to reinforce a weak tooth. Dental crowns and bridges are often used together to help protect the structural integrity of the mouth. When a person has serious dental problem from poor dental care, an experienced dentist will use many methods to restore the mouth’s structure and improve chewing and smiling.