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Do You Need a Deep Cleaning Performed on Your Teeth?

As we get older, our oral health tends to decline a bit. This is because we get busier and don’t always make time to visit the dentist every six months. However, there are alternative reasons this may happen as well, such as the plaque on our teeth getting pushed down below the gum line. This can cause issues with both the health of your teeth and your gums. If you need a deep cleaning to help restore the health of your mouth, call us here at Dr. Roy D. Jennings, Dentistry.

What We Do During a Deep Cleaning

Do You Need a Deep Cleaning Performed on Your Teeth?When you come in to see us for a deep cleaning, we do the same basic type of cleaning on your teeth, but take it a step further. We clean off your teeth with the traditional tools, and then we also scrape off any plaque that has formed on your teeth that we can see. After that, we take tools and gently scrape down your teeth, all the way to the roots of your teeth. We clean out any bacteria that may be living between your teeth and your gums, and we make sure that we remove any plaque buildup that we can. That gives your mouth a healthier appearance, and helps restore a higher state of oral health than you could have had with the plaque and bacteria that were beneath your gums.

Come in here and see Dr. Roy D. Jennings, and let our entire team of experienced professionals professionally deep clean your mouth. Get rid of any problems you may have had with bad breath, early stages of gum disease, and plaque buildup that may have been harming your mouth. We can help you get the clean and healthy mouth you were hoping for. Contact us for an appointment today!

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