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Stopping Bleeding After Oral Trauma

Going through any type of oral trauma can leave you in a lot of pain. Your priority after oral trauma has to be to stop the bleeding first. From there, you worry about fixing the problem. If you experience any type of oral trauma, you should stop the bleeding then come in. Here at Dr. Roy D. Jennings Dentistry, we can help take a look at what happened and figure out a treatment program. That way, your oral trauma care can be managed right from the start.

Putting Pressure on Bleeding After Oral Trauma

Stopping Bleeding After Oral Trauma

Oral trauma can be from an accident, a fall, or even sports. It is nearly always unexpected, which can make a person panic. After oral trauma, panic is the last thing you need. You first need to find something clean to place on whatever area is bleeding. This should be a cloth or piece of gauze if possible. Then, you want to put it over whatever is bleeding with a bit of pressure. As the gauze or cloth gets soaked, flip them out with new pieces. You want to hold pressure on the area for about 30 minutes, but that depends on how bad the trauma is.

What If the Bleeding Won’t Stop

If you cannot get the bleeding to stop within about 30 minutes, you likely will need to visit your doctor or a local ER. The same goes if you have any type of bleeding disorder. Taking the time to stop the bleeding is important. However, if it won’t stop, more attention becomes necessary. There may be something in the wound that keeps opening it back up.

If you face oral trauma, not just dental trauma, it is best to give us a call. Here at Dr. Roy D. Jennings Dentistry, we can help look at the problem. We can work with you to form a treatment plan that encompasses your teeth and any other tissues of the face that were injured. Then, we can work with you to minimize pain during recovery. For help after oral trauma, contact us right away.

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