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Wisdom tooth woes and solutions

While teeth help us all in many ways and are often underappreciated, the one form of teeth which causes nothing but issues are wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth refer to the third set of molars which start appearing on our teeth, especially during the age of 18 to 20. Unlike their name, they do not provide us wisdom, but instead, present a wide variety of problems. We will take a look as some common wisdom tooth woes and their solutions which can help you understand and get rid of your wisdom tooth ailments. Your dentist can help you figure out your wisdom teeth problems too.


The most common problem associated with wisdom teeth is the fact that there is no room for them in the mouth for them to grow well. This in turn, causes crowding, or the wisdom tooth to clump in together with the already existing molars and cause impacting, which causes the preexisting molars a host of problems. Impacted is the term which is used for wisdom teeth which either grow sideways or are tilted or improperly erupted from the gums. It affects the alignment of the teeth and causes pain, discomfort and even deformation. It can also lead to infections and tooth decay as well as tooth and gum disease, as the existing molar would struggle and compete with the wisdom tooth for more space, leaving exposed gums which is an ideal breeding ground for germs and other pathogens. It can also lead to cysts and tumors, which can be very painful on their own and can compound the pain being caused due to wisdom tooth.  Dentists usually recommend the removal of such wisdom tooth.


Your dentist would usually recommend a good time period to remove your wisdom teeth so that you do not have to go through these complications. Generally, it is easier to remove wisdom teeth when one is younger in age as at that period the wisdom teeth is not fully developed and can cause less pain or discomfort. It is said that the best age for evaluation and removal of wisdom teeth is around 16 to 19 years. Dentists determine the growth of wisdom teeth using X-rays and then decide the course of action, which is either immediate removal or a set time period for the preparation and removal of the tooth.


The removal process involves the application of anesthesia and sedatives to ensure the least discomfort after which the dentist makes incisions to cause the least damage to the bone and other tissues while ensuring the complete removal of the tooth. Post the removal process, you may experience pain and swelling and even tenderness or bruising, which can be improved by using ice packs as well as painkillers. The dentist may also recommend the consumption of only a fixed set of food items which causes the least irritation to the cut tissue and does not hamper the healing process.


In some cases, the dentist may recommend keeping the wisdom teeth. It becomes very essential for you to take proper care of them in this case, with regular brushing and flossing to ensure that it does not become a victim to cavity causing germs. Dr. Roy D Jennings dentistry are experts in a variety of dental procedures including wisdom teeth extraction and go the extra mile to help their patients get the dental care they deserve.

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