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Sinus Connection: Can Allergies Cause A Toothache?

One of the possible causes of your throbbing toothache is the sinus pressure due to seasonal allergies. Aside from a runny nose, itchy eyes, constant sneezing, and drowsiness, the inflammation in the nasal area pushes down the pressure to your upper teeth. In this article, let’s discuss the impact of allergies on your oral health.

Sinus cavity and upper teeth connection

There’s only a fine line of tissue that separates our teeth and our sinus cavity. The sinus cavities filter and moisture to the air that we breathe before it enters the lungs. 

When an allergen enters the sinus cavities, the tissues around the sinus area is filled with fluid that causes congestion and sinus pressure. The congestion-induced pressure will then overlap to the common area where the sinus cavity and the root of your upper teeth are located. Thus, triggering toothache. 

Symptoms that suggest your toothache is due to sinus pressure

It can be hard to figure out what causes your toothache. Toothache associated with sinus pressure will more likely make several upper teeth painful than affecting a specific tooth. One key indicator that you have a sinus-related toothache is when your entire face is affected by the inflammation. Other blatant symptoms to look for are frequent headaches and breathing difficulties. 
Other common symptoms for a sinus-related toothache include:

  • Congested nose and lack of taste
  • Throbbing pressure around the eyes or forehead
  • Nasal drip
  • Thick mucus from the nasal area
  • Earache

How to manage a toothache due to seasonal allergies

It’s best to consult your dentist, to properly diagnose what’s causing your toothache. There can be an underlying dental problem aside from the sinus pressure caused by seasonal allergies. To deal with the inflammation at home, you can try the following:

  • Steam inhalation to decongest your nasal area
  • Drink more water to replenish the fluid in your body and limit mucus formation. 
  • Consume foods and drinks that have anti-inflammatory properties like ginger tea to relieve the inflammation. 

Make sure to consult your doctor for an antihistamine or other medications for allergy appropriate for your condition. It may seem harmless but allergies can be life-threatening if left unmanaged. Your allergy can progress to anaphylaxis which is a dangerous allergic reaction that can block your air passages due to inflammation. 

Aside from managing the symptoms of your allergies, it also pays to strengthen your immune system. Doing so not only improves your overall health but also keeps you away from gum disease and other auto-immune diseases.

Our dental experts at Dr. Roy Jennings Dentistry can help diagnose whether the root cause of your toothache is from your sinus or an undetected dental condition. Our dental practice in Monroe provides restorative dentistry and oral examinations to diagnose and treat various dental conditions. Contact us now to learn more about our dental services. 

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