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Sinus pressure and tooth pain

Seasonal allergies happen. People often associate these types of allergies with runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, and needing to grab some over the counter allergy medication. But there’s another issue that people with allergies also face: upper molar pain. This is tooth pain that happens because of seasonal allergies. It can be annoying and painful, but it is certainly treatable. Today we’re going to talk about how to relieve sinus pressure that is associated with seasonal allergies and tooth pain.

You might not be sure if this is serious enough to warrant a dentist visit. If you are experiencing toothache at any time, it’s a good sign that heading over to the dentist can’t hurt further. You’ll feel facial pain, especially when it’s to do with allergy symptoms. 

First, your dentist will take a look at the situation. You’ll get some x-rays done and your condition will then be diagnosed. You will also have a thorough exam to make sure that you’re not experiencing this pain from something such as bruxism (teeth grinding), abscess, cavities, or other issues that could be related to your jaws. If everything looks fine, there’s a good chance that this could be due to allergies. If that’s the case, you’ll be referred to your primary care doctor for further examination.

Sometimes it’s not allergies. You might also be suffering from jaw pain due to a sinus infection or something such as congestion. Your doctor will then prescribe you medication that will be related to what’s actually going on. These could be antibiotics, allergy relief medication, or painkillers.

There are different types of pains that you’ll feel depending on what’s going on. For example, toothache related to a sinus infection feels more like a dull ache. It feels like harsh pressure. This can happen when you have a cold, sinus related issues, or even seasonal allergies. Your doctor will prescribe some medication to help reduce the inflammation that is happening in your sinuses.

If it’s not allergies but more of a toothache, you’ll feel it more in the back of your mouth. It feels like sinus related tooth pain except that you’ll feel it more on the top. It’ll be a more intense pain that you’re feeling. If your gums are swollen, your chances are high that it’s a tooth related issue and not allergy related.

You might also experience pain that is in your jaw. If your pain is more around your ears, it’s easy to confuse this with a sinus related issue. You might have a jaw-related concern with your teeth rather than seasonal allergies.

Whatever the situation is, if you are concerned that your sinuses are causing teeth pain, it’s worth it to make sure that it’s actually allergies and not something more serious. Be sure to contact us and get a checkup done so we can ensure that everything is okay. If it’s really allergies, there’s a lot less to worry about but it doesn’t hurt to be sure.