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6 Oral Hygiene Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now

Sometimes we all get up on our routines and habits that we may not realize that we are doing something wrong… and more often than not occasionally forget to do things because we are pressed for time or the kids walked into the bathroom needing help with something.

You know how it goes when real life steps in when we think we have enough time for everything under the sun.

With all that happening, you may not be realizing that your oral hygiene routine may be falling through the cracks and you don’t have time to think twice about it.

Today we are going to cover some oral hygiene mistakes that you are probably doing right now. We aren’t here to point any fingers or anything, but simply to help you recognize these mistakes and correct them. So let’s get to it!

1. You forget to change your toothbrush…

It’s important for you to change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. This will make sure that your teeth are getting the most optimal cleanliness with a sturdy yet gentle toothbrush.

2.You are shoving your toothbrush in a drawer…

It’s best for you to put your toothbrush in an upright holder like a cup. You can get one of these at Target, Amazon or Walmart. This will allow your toothbrush to dry in an open space and not have so much bacteria build up on your toothbrush.

3.You may be sharing your toothbrush with someone else…

It may be cute to share your toothbrush with your significant partner or someone forget their toothbrush on the camping trip. It may a good idea at the time, but it’s not. You are not only sharing bacteria and spit but doing this may lead to tooth decay. Yikes!

4.You may be neglecting your tongue…

Don’t forget to brush your tongue after you brush your teeth every time with a tongue scraper! This will help eliminate any bacteria or food particles that are living on your tongue. Not only that it will freshen up your breath which is a win-win situation.

5.You forgot to floss again…

Flossing is something we all know that we should be doing but is often forgotten about. Flossing will help decrease your chances of gum infections or even cavities by getting rid of bacteria build-up between the small crevices in your teeth.

6.You forgot to schedule that 6-month check-up – oops!

We get so caught up with our to-do list and every day living that we forget to do our 6-month check-ups regularly. Stop ignoring those adorable reminder cards that you get in the mail, calls and texts from your dentist’s office. Give them a callback and schedule an appointment today. Your teeth and gums will thank you. This will help you prevent any issues or address any issues that you may be facing right now that you may not recognize!

Stay on top of your oral hygiene everyone!

Be proactive about your oral health. Again, this will help you prevent any issues or address any issues that you may be facing right now

Schedule an appointment with us today to see how where you are at with your oral health.