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Smiling is something that we do naturally when we pose for a picture or see someone that we are close with. We smile all the time and for good reason. It is important for you to keep your teeth and gums happy and healthy, so you have a great smile. Did you know there are […]

Sometimes we all get up on our routines and habits that we may not realize that we are doing something wrong… and more often than not occasionally forget to do things because we are pressed for time or the kids walked into the bathroom needing help with something. You know how it goes when real […]

Every day we live our lives eating delicious food and occasionally indulging in something that’s not part of our daily eating habits which is great. Most of the time we aren’t even thinking about the impact of what we eat does to our teeth until we are sitting in the dental chair with our dentist […]

Sensitive teeth…it happens. You may have experience tooth sensitivity when eating an ice cream cone on a warm summer’s day or drinking a hot cup of coffee. You may have thought this was weird. You didn’t experience any type of pain before. Tooth sensitivity can happen out of nowhere and for different reasons. Today we […]

Your Tongue May Be the Cause of Your Bad Breath

Did you know that the fresh, cool, tingly mouth feeling that you get after using mouthwash does not actually indicate that your teeth and mouth are clean? Although ingredients used in mouthwashes such as fluoride do help to prevent your teeth from getting cavities, they will not in any way help you with the removal […]

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Seasonal allergies happen. People often associate these types of allergies with runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, and needing to grab some over the counter allergy medication. But there’s another issue that people with allergies also face: upper molar pain. This is tooth pain that happens because of seasonal allergies. It can be annoying and painful, […]

Toothbrushes are arguably the most important tool that helps us to maintain proper oral hygiene. They help to remove the dirt and the germs from the teeth and help in preserving happier and healthier smiles. Toothbrushes have been used in various forms to keep the teeth clean throughout history, with newer developments in time making […]

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Appliances refer to items that help us do different tasks in our day to day life. Modern appliances have helped us humans to complete more tasks in lesser time while making the process more efficient. On similar lines, dental appliances have helped dentists to treat their patients in a much better manner. Dental appliances can […]

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While teeth help us all in many ways and are often underappreciated, the one form of teeth which causes nothing but issues are wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth refer to the third set of molars which start appearing on our teeth, especially during the age of 18 to 20. Unlike their name, they do not provide […]

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Brushing one’s teeth is the fundamental aspect of ensuring good dental and oral hygiene. This is truer for those with braces, as bad oral health can inhibit their recovery process and cause big setbacks. It is important to know the proper ways to brush your teeth while wearing braces in order to ensure oral health […]