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Dental benefits in Monroe NC

We’re almost in the second half of November and you only have six weeks to make the most out of your dental benefits. Now that dental practices reopened its doors, it’s time to tackle your postponed dental treatments after several months of quarantine. Let’s get into details about your dental benefits and how much you […]

Best Things To Do In Monroe, NC

Monroe is the seat of Union County government and one of the fastest-growing cities in the Charlotte-Fort Mill metropolitan area. The Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport located in the southwest of Monroe makes the city accessible to anyone who wants to see what it has to offer. With its picturesque landscapes and diverse community, the city has […]

toothache caused by stress-induced bruxism

Many of us are trying our best to be in control of our health and our psyche. However, some people don’t realize that the psychological effects of the pandemic have started to creep in unconsciously. In this article, we’ll discuss how bruxism connects stress and toothaches together.  Painful but healthy teeth: Is it possible? There […]

The role of saliva in preventing COVID-19

Our saliva is the protective layer we never knew we had until this pandemic. It’s interesting how every part and every secretion in our body serves a specific purpose. Learn more about the vital role of saliva in fighting against COVID-19 in this article. Function of saliva in oral health Saliva is a complex fluid […]

5 Ways Stress Affects Your Oral Health

Nothing good comes out from stress. With the growing health concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, chronic stress, and anxiety can make you more susceptible to more health risks. Not to mention the silent ways stress affects your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Your body’s reaction to stress We all react to stress differently. […]

A dental emergency is an unprecedented situation that can happen even during a quarantine. With most businesses closed, you’re maybe at loss on what to do and where to get help. You don’t need to endure the pain and attempt self-medication because dental practices are now open and equipped with safety measures in place such […]

Making dental practices safe during COVID-19

Is there a safe place to avoid getting the coronavirus? The quick spread of the disease has caused governments to impose lockdown measures to keep everyone in their homes. So, apparently, our home is a safe place. If we don’t go out, it is less likely that we will contract the virus.  Technically, we are […]

Healthy Teeth during COVID-19

As everyone knows, the COVID-19 epidemic has made everyone self-isolate and maintain social distance. During this crucial period, people are trying different ways to keep themselves busy. However, there is no better time to take care of your oral health. Usually, we do not have enough time to properly take care of ourselves, especially our […]

can you replace toothpaste with fluoride mouthwash

  Did you know that the fresh, cool, tingly mouth feeling that you get after using mouthwash does not actually indicate that your teeth and mouth are clean? Although fluoride mouthwash can help prevent cavities, they will not in any way help you with the removal of plaque from your teeth.    No matter how […]

seasonal allergies can cause sinus pressure that triggers toothache

One of the possible causes of your throbbing toothache is the sinus pressure due to seasonal allergies. Aside from a runny nose, itchy eyes, constant sneezing, and drowsiness, the inflammation in the nasal area pushes down the pressure to your upper teeth. In this article, let’s discuss the impact of allergies on your oral health. […]

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