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How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Permanently

When you discover that you are struggling with bad breath due to mouth bacteria, you realize that it can be more than just a minor issue. It can morph into a severe oral health risk if you do not get professional dental treatment. This is because bad breath caused by mouth bacteria can cause other […]

Our toothbrush is the most integral part of our oral hygiene. It also became everyone’s ingrained habit that even puts brushing your teeth as the best example of building better habits. With all the developments in dentistry today, there are now a lot of types of toothbrushes in the market. If you’re consider ing to […]

Did you know that eating lots of greens is very beneficial for your teeth? Here at Dr. Roy D. Jennings Dentistry, one of the best dental offices in Monroe, North Carolina, we are going to be discussing how eating lots of greens can improve your oral health. In addition, we are going to give you […]

Many people don’t realize that it is in fact possible to brush too hard. Keeping your teeth clean may seem simple, but it is important to be cognoscente and make sure you are doing it in a healthy manner rather than eliminating one problem only to start another. Here at Dr. Roy D. Jennings Dentistry, […]

When it comes to battling your bad breath, everyone wants to know what they can do to solve the issue. First, finding the cause of your bad breath is recommended. This is how you’re going to know what you need to do in order to remove the bad breath and feel a bit more confident […]

There is nothing better than keeping and using your own teeth. This is why it is important that elderly patients practice great oral hygiene to keep their teeth longer. Here at Dr. Roy D. Jennings Dentistry, we ensure that all of our patients understand the best dental practices, as well as ways to ensure that […]

Getting fluoride treatments is a vital part of keeping your smile healthy and strong. This is due to a number of factors: the way fluoride interacts with your teeth, the challenges behind relying on fluoride in your drinking water, and other matters, too. Here at Dr. Roy D. Jennings Dentistry we care about the health […]

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