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Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire At The End of 2021


The year is gradually coming to an end. That’s a fact that everybody knows. But did you know that you could save yourself a lot of money by using your dental benefits before the year runs out? 

Valuable dental benefits do not have to go to waste as you’re rounding off the year. If you’ve been paying for dental benefits since the beginning of the year, now is the best time to contact us. We will help you determine the amount remaining in your annual maximum. 

Then we will work with you to schedule treatments and preventative dental services that you may need before the end of the year. Learn how to get the best out of your dental benefits before they expire.

Overview of Dental Benefit Plans

Dental benefit plans either run on a traditional calendar year or on a fiscal year. But most run on a traditional calendar year. In other words, if your dental benefit runs on a traditional calendar year, then your dental benefit type will renew each year starting in January. A fiscal year dental benefits plan will renew on the date you enrolled in it. 

Traditional benefit plans have varied yearly maximums and coverage limits on specified procedures. For instance, the dental plan may have 100% coverage for simple procedures, such as dental cleanings, and about 60 – 80% coverage for restorative treatments. So, if you don’t visit the dentist for your dental cleanings and treatments, you may be wasting your benefits.

How To Make The Best Use of Your Plan

Unused dental benefit coverages running on a traditional calendar year will not roll over to the next year. Here are some tips to get the best out of your dental benefits before the year runs out.

Think About Your Coverage Before Your Appointment

Making the best use of your dental benefit plans begins with planning how to maximize your coverage options before the end of the year. You can begin by keeping up with preventative care. For instance, some dental insurance plans will enable you to go for up to two dental cleanings within a year at little to no cost depending on the dental coverage. 

During your appointment, you may discover that most dental benefit plans have robust coverages for preventative care. Because end-of-the-year appointments fill up so fast, try as much as possible to schedule your dental visit early in case you need restorative dental treatments

Although you cannot expect the same level of robust coverage for both preventative and restorative treatments, you can expect significant savings in terms of both cost and value for money.

Work Out A Financial Plan With Your Dentist To Maximize Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Being strategic about your financial plan is one of the best ways to fully maximize your dental benefits.  For instance, the cost of major procedures, especially cosmetic procedures, such as implants and smile makeovers, may exceed your annual maximum. 

Because the cost of restorative procedures may exceed your annual maximum does not mean you should let your dental benefits go to waste. You can always work out a financial plan with your dentist so that you can maximize the full use of your dental benefits.

Feel Free to Schedule Your Dental Appointment Today

Beyond letting your dental benefits go to waste, not scheduling your dental visit on time may result in more expensive dental treatments in the future

For instance, what may require just a bridge may require an entire jaw implant procedure when adjacent teeth start shifting and collapsing into the space created due to tooth loss.

Remember that end-of-the-year appointments fill up quickly, Ensure to book your appointment now. Contact us today to help you make the best use of your dental benefits in Monroe, NC. We will be glad to see you!

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