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Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about a beautiful smile

Fixing dental flaws with cosmetic dentistry is one of the most effective ways of achieving the beautiful smiles you see in Hollywood and magazines. But cosmetic dentistry does more than just allow you to share beautiful smiles with your dazzling pearly whites. Beyond giving you a pleasing smile, you also add some boost to your […]

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Coffee Stains on Your Teeth

The average American consumes 3.5 cups of coffee per day!  While coffee may give you that jolt of energy that you need to wake up in the morning, it can bring negative effects on your oral health. The dark color and acidic makeup of coffee makes it damaging to your teeth. However, your cup of […]

What Are Veneers? All You Need to Know

Veneers are also referred to as dental porcelain laminates or porcelain veneers. They are customized, wafer-thin shells made of teeth-colored materials which cover the front of your teeth to improve their appearance. The shells in question are generally bonded to the teeth to change their length, size, color, or shape. They are generally cosmetic procedures. […]

Dental Office Chair

We are so lucky that the advanced dental technology today has opened a lot of better solutions to address our dental problems. Dental appliances are among these dental technologies that help boost our oral health faster and in a more convenient way. Before going to the dentist, it’s best to have some knowledge of how […]

brushing teeth with braces

Brushing with braces is almost similar to the usual brushing we do every day. However, patients with braces must extend the extra time and effort to keep their teeth, wires, and pins of braces free from any food debris. With more nooks to get stuck on, bacteria have more chances to propagate between teeth and […]

Dental Patient

If you have a missing tooth, especially in a place where no one can really see it, you might think that you can get away with not having that tooth there. But, did you know that there are some serious consequences to not replace the missing tooth? For example, having a missing tooth can lead […]

When the holidays are upon you, you take a long look at yourself and wonder what everyone is going to think about you when they see you. The same goes for your smile. You want to make sure that you’re smiling with those that you love in confidence. There are solutions out there to a […]

People who don’t smile much are often seen as unfriendly. However, if you’re just too ashamed of your teeth to smile, people might have the wrong impression of you. Dental veneers is a dental treatment that can be the game-changer for your oral health.  Facts about dental veneers Dental veneers, sometimes called porcelain veneers, is […]

who benefits from cosmetic dentistry

Many people know that they have to go to the dentist on a regular basis to maintain optimal oral hygiene; however, they do not recognize that our cosmetic dentist in Monroe also has benefits to offer you. People can reap the aesthetic benefits of this field for a variety of reasons. Injury Teeth are delicate; […]

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