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Appliances refer to items that help us do different tasks in our day to day life. Modern appliances have helped us humans to complete more tasks in lesser time while making the process more efficient. On similar lines, dental appliances have helped dentists to treat their patients in a much better manner. Dental appliances can […]

Smiling Patient

Having a beautiful and appealing smile is everybody’s dream. A beautiful smile can enhance your overall influence and level of self-confidence. We cannot Stress much about just how important dental health care really is. With all of these things being said, there is still kind of a problem as to choosing the right place for […]

Here at Dr. Roy D. Jennings Dentistry in Monroe, North Carolina, when it comes to your first dental appointment with us we take all your question and concerns to heart. Today we are going to be talking about some the questions that you may ask us. Some of the questions you have may not be […]

When it comes to the sinuses and a toothache, you may not know it but the two are semi-connected and in the same area. That might mean that when one hurts, the other one might end up hurting in response. Due to this, many people do not know if they are having a sinus problem […]

People who don’t smile much are seen as unfriendly. If you don’t smile because your teeth are not perfect, then you are probably giving people the wrong impression of you. A cosmetic dentist can help you feel great about your smile by using dental veneers, so you don’t have to worry anymore. Facts About Dental […]

Come by our office and pick up Cardboard Jennings and take him whereever you may go this summer. Take a photo of him and post it to our Facebook page linked below… or you can email it to us and we will post it for you! Makr sure to add the location of Cardboard Jennings […]

Thank you for stopping by to check out our brand new website and dental blog. We have built this website with our patients and potential new patients in mind to be able to easily find information about the dentistry services we provide for your whole family. Our blog will be refreshed with great, informational content […]