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Benefits of Getting Fluoride Treatments from Your Dentist

Getting fluoride treatments is a vital part of keeping your smile healthy and strong. This is due to a number of factors: the way fluoride interacts with your teeth, the challenges behind relying on fluoride in your drinking water, and other matters, too.

Here at Dr. Roy D. Jennings Dentistry we care about the health of our patients. We want to see your teeth last you as long as possible, and without a doubt we can say that getting fluoride treatments will help make that happen.

Fluoride Strengthens Your Teeth

Benefits of Getting Fluoride Treatments from Your DentistIt used to be common belief that fluoride treatments were important for children, as the mineral would help strengthen teeth as they developed. While it certainly does help developing teeth, new information reveals that it helps adult teeth, too.

Fluoride treatments strengthen your teeth. This is because when the mineral comes into contact with a tooth, the tooth absorbs it.  It helps to keep teeth healthy and can even repair minor wear in the enamel through a process known as remineralization.

Fluoride Treatments Provide Maximum Protection

Some communities add fluoride to their drinking water. While this does help the teeth out, it is simply not the same as getting fluoride treatments. When you drink water, it is only in contact with your teeth for a short period of time. While some does remain in the mouth once you are finished, most of it is swallowed.

In contrast, when you get fluoride treatments, the solution containing the fluoride is placed against your teeth for a significantly longer period of time. In addition, there is a stronger concentration of fluoride in the solution we use than there is in drinking water—if you do happen to live in a community with fluoridated drinking water, that is.

Contact us at Dr. Roy D. Jennings Dentistry today. We’ll be happy to help keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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