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What To Do If You Have A Fractured or Chipped Tooth

Cracked your tooth by accident? Having a fractured tooth is very common with adults. Fortunately, not all tooth fractures are serious dental cases. If treated immediately, you can still save your tooth and yourself from expensive dental procedures. Even if the crack is small, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your dentist to get an accurate diagnosis.

If you can’t visit the dentist as soon as possible, consider these initial steps until you secure an appointment with your dentist:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water to disinfect the area.
  • Cracks that reached the tooth pulp can cause bleeding. Press a gauze on the affected area to stop bleeding and contact your dentist immediately.

If left untreated, the crack may progress and affect the crucial parts of the tooth placed below the gum line. If that happens, the tooth will no longer be saved. 

That leaves you losing a tooth or undergoing a tooth replacement procedure that can be expensive. So it’s very crucial to have a dentist see your fractured tooth immediately even if it’s not painful.

How to Repair a Fractured ToothDental treatments for a fractured tooth

Your dentist may offer a variety of dental services to treat your fractured tooth. It mainly depends on the severity of the crack on your tooth. Here are the dental services your dentist might recommend:

Dental bonding

For minor tooth fractures, dental bonding is a common procedure to repair the tooth. A dental bond is a tooth-colored resin used to fill the cracked part of the tooth. This is usually done for a fractured tooth that did not affect the nerve or pulp of the tooth. Once treated, you can resume biting or chewing your food.

Fillings or Crowns

If your tooth’s enamel is damaged, it needs to be filled in to prevent further damage to the tooth. Depending on the tooth fracture, your dentist may suggest fillings if it’s a minor crack. Fillings or crowns prevent the food from getting stuck inside the tooth or in between teeth and lead to other dental issues like carries and infection.

A serious fracture, on the other hand,  can be repaired with a dental crown. A dental crown is like a cap that fits the remaining parts of your fractured tooth. It is molded and modified to match the size of your tooth and your bite pattern. Once fixed,  your teeth would look like how it used to. It can take a few visits to set up a crown for your tooth, so expect seeing your dentist twice for this procedure.

Root canal

You’ll know that your fractured tooth is in serious condition when the crack damages the tooth pulp. A root canal is a process where the damaged parts of the tooth will be removed and replaced with a filling. Your dentist may suggest pairing it with a crown to prevent the crack from spreading.

Dental implants

When the fracture on your tooth extends below the gum line, it will be beyond repair. The tooth needs to be extracted and your dentist may suggest a dental implant to fill its place. A dental implant is a ceramic ‘tooth’ that is attached to a metal ‘root’ implanted in your jaw. It is an expensive procedure but will only be an option for the most severe cases of a fractured tooth.

Dr. Roy Jennings Dentistry can help you save your fractured tooth

Don’t think twice about scheduling an appointment with us as soon as possible for your fractured tooth. There’s a higher chance of saving your natural tooth the sooner you schedule a dental appointment. 

Dr. Roy Jenning Dentistry offers general and cosmetic dental services for your tooth restoration and repair. Don’t wait for your fractured tooth to get worse, contact us now.

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