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5 Benefits of Having A Family Dentist For Your Family

Having the best oral health is everyone’s dream for their family. As your family grows, visiting different dentists for each family member can be a struggle. That is where a family dentist can make a difference because they can provide dental care services to your whole family at every scheduled appointment

5 Benefits of Having A Family Dentist For Your Family

Family dentistry is an efficient approach to having a dental practitioner you trust for your entire family’s oral health. Dr. Roy Jennings Dentistry offers dental care services that are suitable for you and your kids so you don’t have to deal with the struggle of scheduling multiple appointments with different dentists.

Benefits of Having A Family Dentist

If you’re still having second thoughts on having a family dentist, here are the advantages that can make you think twice.

One Dentist to Monitor Your Family’s Oral Health

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dentist who can track the changes to your family’s oral health as you all grow older? You no longer need to provide your dental information at each visit because your dental history will always be up-to-date. That alone saves both time and effort.

Well-Mapped Dental History

Your family dentist will notice any changes in your family’s oral health. He will have an updated dental record for every dental condition your family previously had. So every time you visit their dental practice, your dental history can help your family dentist provide the most suitable treatment for your current dental situation.  

Convenient appointment scheduling

One schedule for your family’s dental appointment is one of the best advantages of having a family dentist. It simplifies the complex system of consulting different dentists for different age groups in your family. Family dental providers usually offer a wide range of services from pediatrics to restorative dentistry to serve every family member. No more referrals and transfers needed from one dentist to another.

Prevention of serious dental cases

The longer you see a family dentist, it is easier to educate your family on potential dental problems you might encounter based on your lifestyle and habits. They are backed with your dental history to make an accurate diagnosis of what are the best preventive measures for each individual family member.

Forged Relationship over time

Over time, frequent visits to your family dentist can build trust and a personal relationship. Your family will no longer get the cringy fear of visiting the dentist because you know the dental practitioner who’s going to treat you. It’s like having a family friend who’ll be with you throughout your dental journey.

Stay with one family dentist that you can trust with your family’s oral health

Dr. Roy Jennings Dentistry offers family dentistry and a wide range of dental services in Monroe. Our patients’ dental experience is our top priority which pushes us to keep improving on the services we provide. Here’s what we can offer for your whole family:

Our family dentist, Dr. Roy Jennings always strives to provide the best dental care for your family. Our practice is equipped with the safety precautions to keep our patients and staff safe from COVID-19.  If you’re ready to get the best oral health for you and your family schedule an appointment with us now.

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