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Different kinds of Dental Appliances

Appliances refer to items that help us do different tasks in our day to day life. Modern appliances have helped us humans to complete more tasks in lesser time while making the process more efficient. On similar lines, dental appliances have helped dentists to treat their patients in a much better manner. Dental appliances can be used for a variety of teeth problems, including the repair of damaged teeth as well as the straightening of bent teeth among others. For best performance, the dental appliances are custom made for your mouth. There are different kinds of dental appliances, the details of which are given below.

Braces –

Braces are dental appliances which are used for straightening the teeth as well as aligning them. They are mostly made of metal, although nowadays many other types of braces made of composite materials are also available for better fit and superior comfort. These are semi-permanent appliances, which means after a fixed period of time, which is when your teeth have been tuned to proper alignment, they are removed.

Bridges –

Bridges are a form of dental appliances which are used after a tooth extraction to fill up the gap between existing teeth. Bridges are permanent fixtures, which means that once installed, they are not removed. They help to maintain the shape of the teeth as well as to help you in the chewing of food.

Crowns and Fillings –

Though many would argue about classifying crowns and fillings as dental devices, they too form and integral part of the tooth repair process. They are permanent attachments to the teeth and cannot be removed once installed.

Prosthetics –

Prosthetics are temporary dental appliances which can be used as an artificial replacement for the tooth. The most common form of dental prosthetic are dentures, which themselves come in two types, partial and full. While partial dentures are used as replacement for missing teeth, full dentures are needed in case tooth replacement is needed for the whole jaw.

Retainers –

Generally used after the removal of braces, retainers help to keep the teeth in place. Retainers are temporary dental appliances, and are used during night time to make sure that the alignment of teeth are not altered during sleep. In some cases though, one may need to wear retainers all the time.

Mouth Guards –

As the name implies, mouth guards are dental appliances used for the protection of the teeth and the gums against external harm or injury. They are also extremely useful against teeth grinding during sleep. They are temporary dental devices designed to be used only for a particular period of time.

Other Dental Appliances –

A variety of other dental appliances are also used to deal with a variety of other dental problems. For example, snoring dental devices can prevent against snoring. Some of these dental devices can help against sleep apnea too.

Dr. Roy D Jennings Dentistry have been providing top quality dental care to their patients and are well known for their professional yet caring attitude. In addition to treating a range of dental problems, they also provide guidance for the best dental appliance to be used for the treatment of your dental problem.

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