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What is tooth decay, and how can I prevent it?

What is tooth decay, and how can I prevent it?

What is tooth decay?

You might be thinking about learning what tooth decay is and how you can prevent it. Tooth decay tends to occur when a cavity or hole forms in the tooth. This can cause tooth sensitivity

Tooth decay affects individuals of all ages, even extremely young children. It is a disease that can cause infection and pain. When it affects children, it can negatively influence their nutrition, growth and development, and jaw and speech development. 

That said, tooth decay can be treated and even prevented.

What causes tooth decay?

Tooth decay occurs as a result of plaque build-up in the mouth. These germs that form plaque transform the sugar found in drinks and food into acid, which has the propensity to damage one’s teeth. Tooth decay and plaque build-up could even cause bad breath

Additionally, you are likely to suffer from tooth decay if you meet any of the following conditions. If you have:

  • Crooked teeth, as they are more difficult to clean
  • Gum disease
  • Trauma to your teeth or gums
  • Smoked or a constant smoker
  • Taken medication which results in dry mouth

How to prevent tooth decay

When it comes to preventing tooth decay, your dental team is best suited to providing you with tips on how to prevent tooth decay. Nevertheless, there are some things you can do to help, such as:

  • Consuming a balanced and healthy diet
  • Brushing your teeth two times a day for at least 2 minutes. Your type of toothbrush also matters.
  • Avoiding or limiting sugary snacks
  • Drinking more water than sugar drinks
  • Going for regular dental check-ups with a family dentist.

The dental team will inform you that children have thinner and softer enamel in their teeth, so they are more likely to decay quicker than the teeth of adults.

Can you reverse tooth decay naturally?

While your best bet is to see the best dentist in Monroe, NC, there are some things you can do to naturally reverse tooth decay.

For one, you will have to lower the amount of sugar you consume and change your diet. Making seamless adjustments to your diet, such as eating more calcium-rich foods, can help strengthen your teeth and bones. Cutting out juice and carbonated drinks can go a long way as the sugars in them create excessive tartar and plaque build-up which could result in cavities.

Brush your teeth at least two times a day, making sure you reach every nook and cranny. Don’t forget to floss as well. This can help get rid of any food hiding under your gums that your toothbrush could not get.


What is tooth decay, and how can I prevent it?

Add supplements and vitamins to your diet. Did you know that micronutrients are integral to bone health and ensure inflammation is kept under control? This can be useful in preventing and reversing cavities. 

Some vitamins promote the production of saliva, which aids in preventing bacteria from remaining on your teeth. Certain foods that promote salivation are Brussel sprouts, peas, and bananas. When it comes to vitamins, you should consider consuming iron, magnesium, and Vitamins B and D.

Are you finding a way to treat or prevent tooth decay? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Roy Jennings Dentistry today, the best dentist in Monroe, NC!

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